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  • Welcome to Kokerboom Crafts

    We are a small independent business established in 2008 and based in North Devon.  We specialise in offering a range of beautiful quality, hand-crafted products for the home sourced direct from southern Africa that complement modern living.


    Our History

    Kokerboom Crafts is the realisation of over 25 years of association with Southern Africa and in particular South Africa, on journeys of archaeological discovery, as a holiday destination and as the home of many friends.  With each visit to South Africa we added to our collection of contemporary African art, we loved it and it seemed so too did our friends!  In 2008, fired up with passion and enthusiasm we set-up our online gallery to showcase the richness and vibrancy of contemporary African art and craft work.


    We have developed relationships with producers, artists and dealers across the southern African region to source quality items that look great in any home. Today we source items from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Malawi.


    Our Ethos

    There are amazing stories behind the art and artists which you can explore on our Product pages. We are passionate about supporting local cooperative initiatives that ensure the artists and producers get a fair wage for their hard work and skill. Sourcing direct means we can ensure that our products are fairly traded and of great quality.


    What’s in a name?

    The Kokerboom or  quiver tree as it’s also known is a tall, branching species of  aloe (Aloe dichotoma) indigenous to Northern Cape region of South Africa and parts of Namibia. The indigenous San people would hollow out the trunks of this tree to make quivers to hold their arrows.  The tree has a very distinctive profile and the most amazing golden bark that glistens in the sunlight.




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