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  • Oval Shaped Decorative Bowl Turquoise Red Theo Ntuntwana


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    This stunning contemporary African oval shaped decorative bowl has been hand crafted by Theo Ntuntwana, a South African artist based in Cape Town. His work is exhibited at the Cape Gallery, South Africa. 


    Bright jewelled colours and richly detailed patterns are synonymous with African design and this glazed bowl captures the spirit of this in abundance. Theo’s spontaneous designs feature his key signature, the feather. This piece is dated 2008 and is one of his earlier works.


    We have several pieces by Theo Ntuntwana available on our website.  As each piece is hand painted each one is a unique work of contemporary African art.



    All measurements are approximate.

    Length: 23cm

    Width: 15cm

    Depth: 7.5cm


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