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  • Kalahari Wild Silk Cushion Covers – Red Stripes


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    Our Kalahari Wild Silk cushion covers are so special and incredibly eco friendly.


    Kalahari Wild Silk is entirely natural.  It’s made from the empty cocoons of the African wild silk moth (Gonometa Postiga).  The silk moth emerges from its cocoon in November/December in the depths of the Kalahari. The empty cocoons fall to the ground where they become hazardous to grazing stock and wild animals as they cannot be digested. Farm-workers collected the cocoons to try and reduce the danger to livestock. More recently a whole new craft industry has been born by extracting the silk from the inside of the cocoon to spin into yarn and weave into material. No pupae get killed and therefore there is no danger for extinction of the moth, making this a real wild bio silk. The farmers gain an income from collecting the cocoons and a whole new Wild Silk craft industry has emerged.


    We’ve sourced our wild silk cushion covers from a small textile-producer in Namibia. Each cover is hand-made using natural textiles and plant-based dyes and features button fixings for a more elegant look.  They are available in a range of coloured stripe combinations as well as a plain natural colour.  This one features Red, Sand and Beige stripes.


    Plain backs with striped fronts. Due to the dying process the colours may vary slightly

    Made from 50% Kalahari Wild Silk; 30% Cotton and 20% Linen

    Size: 40 x 40 cm


    Care instructions: Wild silk threads are thicker and more robust than Asian silk so you can wash these covers at 40 degrees.


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