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    These open baskets would traditionally have been used for winnowing flour. Baskets are one of the best known craft forms from Botswana. The craft grew from practical need and abundant natural resources and today provides its makers with a much needed source of income.  They open baskets are handwoven by local women, from the young fibres of the Ilala palm or African Ivory Nut Palm, which they themselves harvest. Colour variations within the designs come from natural dyes of locally sourced roots and bark.  Each basket is finely woven using the coil method, with a palm fibre or grass core, around which palm fibres are tightly bound, giving the finished product a good rigidity. 


    Many of the designs used have been passed down through the generations, with themes such as the head of the Kudu and the flight of the Swallow, merging the craft of basketry with the world of abstract art. The inspiration in this example is the pattern on the forehead of a Zebra.  Some of the weavers have exhibited at places such as the Metropolitan Museum New York, the Smithsonian Institute, Washington and the British Museum, London.  Each one carries the maker’s label.


    These look great as a wall display or have them closer to hand where you can appreciate their smooth texture and practical style.


    Diameter  27cm

    Depth  5cm


    All measurements are approximate



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